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The McDonogh School Store is located in the basement of the Allan Building, which is at the end of Shell Road (the main school entrance) on top of Foxleigh Hill. Allan Building is easily recognized by its clock tower cupola which can be seen from many points on campus.

Kit with studentFor the past 30 years, the Store has been ably run by manager Kit Ulgen. Kit has now retired from "active duty" at the store. Effective January 9, 2017 Erin Holmes will assume the position of store manager. She is supported by a staff of Patron volunteers and any student who we can con into helping us. 

VIDEO. If you would like to see a short (12 sec., but 570k) video, please click school schoolstore_crushed.wmv. Note: This requires Windows Media Player™ player.


On our web site, we will be selling only items, which are standard stock.. e.g. Polo sweat shirts, hats, memorabilia etc. However, we do carry various items such as sports T-shirts for various team sports. Not all of the School Store items are listed on the website. If you want something special, give us a call  443-544-7115.
PLEASE NOTE: We have very limited staff  therefore we are unable to ship uniform items.

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